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PhD in The Impact of Religious Convictions on the Conflicts of the Middle East


Dear readers, I welcome you on my web page cherifamir.com 

As it is written in the Holy Bible: For everything there is a season, a right time for every intention under heaven Ecclesiastes 3:1

Now it’s the time for you to know the truth about the most volatile region in the world, the Alpha & Omega of human history… the Middle-East which had , has and will always have an impact on the destiny of the world. The course of history proves that when the Middle-East sneezes, sooner or later the West falls sick. But one question remains… where the truth is?

So I decided to edit this site under the following biblical slogan: “The truth shall set you free”  The truth which will be set forth is not only given by a scholar, but also a descendant of the land of the pharaohs the core of the Middle-East and of human civilizations. Because everything is related and nothing is neglected in this site there are also sections dedicated to Europe, Russia, and the USA with updated analysis of current events…and feel free to post any comments.

This website is that light house searched for in the midst of a roaring ocean of wars, terrorism, revolutions, economic collapses which is witnessed these days and will be, for a long more time the days to come.

As you can see in the background, there is an enormous number of stars, yet all of them are connected in a dark sky, similar to the chain of events in the Middle-East, so climb these mountains in the background to discover the truth… and indeed… The truth will set you free!

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