Egypt’s surrender of its isles to Al Saoud

Egypt’s surrender of its isles to Al Saoud

As for the heated debate surrounding the helpless surrender of the Egyptian isles: Tiran & Sanafir to the Al Saoud wahhabi entity, I think that both sides shouldn’t be that excited and on their nerves because the issue is wilder than anyone could imagine, it’s a new Middle-East, which is taking shape before our eyes, a “new Sickes-Picot” is being modelled and Egypt is a part of this new Middel-East but unfortunately the Country is unwillingly forced to give it’s territories in an apparent “peaceful” way to avoid the Syrian, Iraqi, Libyan & Yemeni scenarios. The sign was given to the current Egyptian adminstration in Northern Sinai. Finally these isles are Egyptian but, Egypt was too weakened these last six years to stop the will of the superpowers aiming at the dismantling of Egypt’s sovereignty.

Map taken from Global Research website.

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