Is “America First” that worrying?

Is “America First” that worrying?


By: Chérif Amir

January 21st , 2017

First of all I wish to congratulate President Donald J. Trump for this magnificent achievement which was crowned with his bold and strong inauguration speech on January 20th, 2017.

On the other hand, I was stunned once hearing the comments from several people -labeled by the Main Stream Media as “Experts”- who retained nothing from this speech but the slogan “America First”!!!

Frankly, isn’t this a normal statement from the mouth of a patriotic leader about his country. I believe that this is exactly the duty of every President and leader in the international community. What do you expect from a US President other than saying “America First”.  

I don’t mind when the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi says “Egypt First” or when his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin says “Russia First”… What’s wrong about that?!!! Both are Patriots and both look after the interest of their countries respectively.

I’ll tell you what’s all this hassle is about: The problem comes from the global “elite” Soros & Co., who believe in the One Global Government under the New World Order. In this ideology patriotism has no place, however, you have to meddle in all the internal affairs of other countries, ruin them and then submit them to this shadow government, as it is the case in Kiev, Ukraine now.

Ordo Ab Chaos ” Order comes from the chaos” is the guideline of this Global “Elite”, while leaders like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are nothing but “Dissidents” in those “Elite’s”   eyes. Why? Because they’re supposed to use the wealth and power of their respective nations in the service of this “elite” which -by the way- control the Main Steam Media in the United States, Europe and even in the Middle-East (i.e. Al Jazeera & Al Arabia) and demonize Trump and Putin.

In the Global Elite’s plan, there’s no leader, there’s a “CEO” who implements the orders of this “shadow government” and using his constitutional powers to implement their decisions.

Take for example, the same sex marriage for instance. The Western Governments all got the order to legalize this union at the same time… isn’t that strange? This is no coincidence!!! These exact same governments had  economic problems, yet they gave this issue an urgency and priority action  above all other serious issues in their societies.

So no leader is allowed to say “America First”, “Russia First” or “Britain First”… Ok I fully understand that for the sake of world peace we should exclude Germany from using this slogan ,due to the horrors humanity witnessed whenever a German said “Germany First”.

The war is becoming more and more obvious, those who are claiming to be the “Free and Tolerant” are waging intellectual terrorism against those who are acting in the normal path of patriotism. The slogan of “whatever country” First, isn’t a declaration of war, it’s actually a declaration of respect of the rights of the people to live in peace and enjoy the wealth of their land. This wealth is for the prosperity of the nation and not to be used to destroy other sovereign countries by deploying the young on the  battlefields created to satisfy the interests of this “Elite”.

Finally, I am for the first time in eight years optimistic about the future, the confrontation will be hard and severe, but we shall endeavor for the triumph over this evil. It’s not about “America First”; but it is about the fear among this “Elite” of the coming patriotic avalanche against the tyranny of “Globalism” which has led to the economic and political turmoils in the world today. The development of societies will start the moment each leader will consider his country’s national interest a sacred treasure, the holy of holiest of the core of his country. Then peace and respect would be the rule, not global mystic ideology of a self proclaimed “Elite”.

*Picture from: abc news

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