Israel & Hamas… The fake escalation.

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Israel and Hamas… The fake escalation

By Chérif AMIR

november 13th, 2108


There’s a huge difference between the wars Israel vs Hezbollah and the wars Israel vs Hamas. 
The wars between Israel and Hezbollah are more interesting, with tit and tats strategies, incursions and hitting precise targets on both sides. It’s a real war regardless of the Israeli superiority, which in fact sometimes turns to be not really useful on the ground, but certainly in the air.
The Israelis don’t really like the ground incursions, it’s not their preference in wars, that’s why Hamas is easier than Hezbollah.

With Hezbollah, it’s different because Israel knows that Tsahal (IDF) has to be engaged sooner or later on the ground. Calling for ceasefire in the North {Sheket be’hatsafon} won’t be really accepted, except if Iran and now Russia decide that silence is silence.
On the other hand, once the Israelis declare ceasefire in the south {Sheket be’drom} with Gaza, silence is silence and Hamas goes to sleep till they’re called to be slapped on the face again. 
The wars between Israel and Hamas are really really boring. Hamas is the fake stupid punshing bag. Stupidity is the headline in everything they do. Oh!!! I forgot! They are the branch of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organisation…They carry an authentic stupid criminal bloodline.

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