Exclusive interview: Dr. Cherif AMIR reveals the real critical situation in Iran, Turkey & Saudi Arabia amidst the reshaping of the Middle-East. What are the US and Russia up to in the region and how does that effect Egypt’s situation? “The Daily Debate” on NILE TV international.

Exclusive interview:

Dr. Chérif AMIR on “The Daily Debate“, NILE TV international

Is Iran’s deteriorating internal stability heading to the “no turning point” for the first time since the Islamic revolution in 1979 ?

The economic turmoil which is Turkey living in, is it going to put an end to the Erdogan Era? Is it going to provoque the loss of Turkish territory to the Kurds or even a desperate military showdown with Greece?

How will Saudi Arabia manage the war in Yemen and the damaged image it has sustained after the killing of Yemeni civilians? What role could Egypt’s El Sisi play in the Yemen war?

What is the new strategy of Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin in the region? Is there an exchange of interest with the Trump administration regarding Turkey and Iran? Is the EU a major player in all this process of reshaping of the Middle East?

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