Terrorism in ST. Petersburg, Russia.

Terrorism in ST. Petersburg, Russia. 

By Chérif AMIR

April 3rd, 2017

 Today on April 3rd , 2017, the Russian city of ST. Petersburg’s Metro was targeted, near the Semaya Ploshchad station, by an explosive device which has left 10 people dead and nearly 50 injured. According to the Russian anti-terrorism authorities, another explosive device has been discovered near a Metro station and was disabled.

First  of all I offer my sincere condolences to the Russian people and to the leader of the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin.

Those who usually bare a traditional hatred to the new emerging strong  orthodox Russia, are always rushing to blame its leadership for any disaster even during the darkest moments of terrorism. They think that this is the way to undermine the will of the Russian leadership to go on and protect their historic sovereignty whether in Crimea or elsewhere in the world.

But the only thing which is true, is the fact that Russia is fighting a preparation war to a greater world war. This preparation war was first designed to usurp Russia’s potentials to defend its interest later in a greater war… They were wrong. The global war is coming but Russia won’t be weak and defenceless as they wish.

We’ll follow the developments of this terrorist act on cherifamir.com.

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