The Mechanism of the alliance with the United States Of America

The Mechanism of the alliance with the United States Of America.

Having the US as an ally and a close friend isn’t always relaxing. Let’s examine a list of countries who are constantly under the protection of the US, and you’ll find that they are always under threat of a mighty enemy which is often a neighbor. But what is really interesting is that Russia’s powerful and charismatic leader, President Vladimir Putin, is always the best candidate to be the “supreme threat” despite the geographical and cultural différencies.

Will America change now with the Trump administration which is known to be “anti- establishment”?… Only time will tell.


         The US Ally

      The Enemy


          The Gulf States


First it was Ayatollah Khomeiny’s Iranian Islamic revolution, then Iraq’s ba’athith Saddam Hussein and now it’s the Islamic Republic of Iran

(And why not Russia’s Vladimir Putin)

The State of Israel



The Arab States & Iran

 (And why not Russia’s         Vladimir Putin)                     





(And why not Russia’s          Vladimir Putin)                 

            South Korea


       North Korea

   (And why not Russia’s         Vladimir Putin)

The Western European             countries


First it was the USSR (the Soviet Union) during the cold war. Now it’s the Islamic terrorism and once again it’s Russia’s Vladimir Putin.


The Central, Eastern European countries & the Baltic States


It’s Russia’s Vladimir           Putin forever.

Allied South American States


 Cuba and Venezuela 

(And why not Russia’s          Vladimir Puitn)



      (Nuclear power)




(Nuclear Power)

(And why not Russia’s       Vladimir Puitn)


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