Why “Brexit”?… And Why Now?

Why “Brexit”?… And Why Now?


Great Britain is just reorganizing its house before the big geopolitical earthquake which will rock the world. The British action is nothing but a sign that the world is heading towards a new Era, with new geopolitical dimensions and calculations.

New frontiers are being secretly and -mostly- slowly drawn, especially in the Middle-East.

Almost 100 years later, the world is witnessing a new Sykes-Picot.  What is new this time, is that such a “de facto” and ‘implicit” protocol will include the superpower which is able to defy and resist the so-called “novus ordo seclorum” the new world order agenda, i.e. Russia. In 1917, after the bloody revolution of the blood-thirsty Bolshevik thugs, Moscow decided to withdraw from the Sykes-Picot accords leaving the scene for the British Empire and France to remodel the Middle-East map especially in the Levant and the Persian Gulf.

But this time, France is not anymore the influential superpower, as it was before, the reason of this fading of the French “allure” is Paris’s submission to the European Union which dictates to its members not only their diplomatic, economic and social policies, but weakens tremendously their sovereignty in matters of border controls, immigration and it harms stricter security measures under the jurisdictional and human rights principals of the EU.

Those countries which are stuck in the membership of the European Union, are abiding and chained to all its rules, especially the countries belonging to the euro-zone.

Therefor the so-called “Brexit” was feasible for the UK, because Great Britain is” Great Britain”, strong enough to endure the -mostly exaggerated- consequences adopted by the EU officials and the international mainstream media. The UK is capable of redefining its goals and moving forward, the current EU needs the UK more than London needs Brussels. The UK kept itself distant from the disastrous euro-zone and this was done on purpose and upon meticulous British calculations. If London would have adopted the Euro as a currency, things would have been different and the divorce with Europe would have been extremely painful and almost impossible for the Brits. That is why I don’t believe in the “domino effect” after the “Brexit”, to do the same thing, an EU member should be strong and capable of absorbing the consequences especially on the economic level. We have seen how a “Grexit” wasn’t possible, because it would have caused the collapse of the Greek State itself. The damage varies from a country to another, for example France’s economy would get a severe blow in the prospect of a “Frexit”, because Paris is depending more and more on the EU and on the German leadership of the European affairs. So a “Frexit” is literally a nightmare for the French political elite, it will provoke the collapse of the governing system but not the State itself. Portugal, Spain and Italy cannot handle the consequences of an eventual “Leave” decision like the UK.

As for Germany, the story is totally different, because Berlin controls all the European mechanism now, the EU made it an overwhelming regional superpower, far more powerful than France economically and diplomatically. Germany has a great interest in the EU because it has led to the Berlin’s sharing of the leadership of the European nations with the UK, after the “Brexit” it’s a total leadership on the old continent with the exception of Great Britain.

On this occasion I’d like to quote the words of Nicolas Dupont-Aignon, the President of the French souverainiste party “Debout la France” Stand Up France, after his meeting with the French President François Hollande the following day of the “Brexit” vote. Mr. Aignon wrote the following on his Twitter account: “I had a rendez-vous with the President and I was received by Merkel’s assistant… He can’t do anything about anything. TAFTA, CAP, Turkey: Brussels decides everything!”   

On the other hand, “Brexit” was an essential step for London, because the European Union isn’t a real force on the international arena especially when it comes to stand-off with a country like Russia and with a leader like President Vladimir Putin. Let me remind you of what Victoria Nuland the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State, said. On a telephone with the US Ambassador to Ukraine, she said “F*ck the EU ” (you can watch the clip on You Tube 

This is a statement uttered by an official in the Transatlantic ally of the EU, so you can imagine how the Brits who were inside the EU saw the failing institutions and the dark aged bureaucracy within the European mechanism in general. It was time to LEAVE for the Brits, because time is running out and a new geopolitical and demographic map is being shaped now and Europe is having great trouble to cope with it.

Finally, watch this clip of the British comedy series Yes Minister in the 1980’s and you’ll get it all.

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