“The Russians are coming!!!”

“ The Russians are coming!!! 

vladimir-putin_416x416                                     No fear… The Russian bear is on his way!!!

By: Chérif AMIR


The Russian are coming!!!”, isn’t only a well known movie but also a scream that we are used to hear from western leaders and government officials whenever everything goes wrong with their foreign policy… just like now.

This “apocalyptic” alert usually includes fears of a nuclear attack, a soviet ground invasion or even a huge espionage operation which could severely damage the western world’s infrastructure. All these terrifying scenarios could have been credible in recent time if the cold war was heating up rapidly and the “red” army was gearing up for a gigantic merciless invasion. But these are not true facts because, the evil doctrine of communism, which I consider one of the calamities which has hit the human race, is dead! The party is over!

Recently, we have been confronting fairy-tale stories: The so called people’s revolution in Ukraine’s “euromaidan” –which is nothing but a neo-Nazi coup ; and the “sweet Arab spring” –which is nothing but an Islamic terrorist jihad war. In fact erratic  western intervention in these events in the name of democracy made everything worse. Before, we examine Russia’s position in the current conflicts, we should ask the following question: why should  the entire West conforms to the U.S. policies? shouldn’t Europe follow its own interests and implement its own compatible strategy? Maybe not… Okay! Of course not!!! That’s because the current “elite” governing the European powers such as the United Kingdom, Germany and France are all under Washington’s spell. But what about the European people themselves? The majority is still under the cold war trauma era, don’t trust Russia and see Vladimir Putin as the new Stalin, and that’s because of the mainstream media’s influence. The same populations understands well that the United States of America, isn’t really the “God sent” messenger of freedom, democracy and human rights, the one polar system wasn’t after all a good think for Uncle Sam’s image.

Back to the Russians and their mighty leader, Vladimir Putin, the iron man, the Russian bear, call him as you wish, at the end he’s just a patriot eager to defend the interest of his country. What the Americans and the Europeans refuse to recognize is that Russia is and will  always be a superpower and won’t be coerced by western imposed sanctions. The might of Russia was shown clearly when the Russian army stealthily liberated Crimea and brought back under the Russian motherland’s sovereignty without shooting one bullet. The western superpowers were unable to react for two reasons: First, they know well that historically Crimea is a part of Russia since the days of Catherine the Great. Second, they recognize the serious risks in deploying their military gear against the Russian army, the cost would be just too high economically and militarily.

The current conflicts in Syria and Ukraine show that the United States is implementing a plan too big for the Europeans to handle, and that is because Europe doesn’t have the same economic, military and diplomatic arsenals to confront such conflicts. So from what we see, the Europeans can handle neither the big ally the U.S. nor face challenges by their traditional foe, Russia. In fact the Russians have proven to be more mature, more realistic in such standoffs ; and now, with the monster created by the United States and its allies,  the terrorist barbaric Islamic State (IS ) out of control, -or maybe Washington- doesn’t even wish to control it- the Russians are stepping in to stop this tragic monstrosity unfolding against the human race by the acts of the Islamists.

Yes, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is the right man at the right moment, in the Middle-East, in Ukraine and elsewhere the Americans created chaos. We can go further to say that the U.S. carriers are a moving disaster in the seas and the oceans of the world.

Washington’s theory evokes that Russia is a potential threat to the United States, and  by association the “free world”, while the mainstream media insists to depict that the Russians are the monster coming deliberately moving to devour our countries. If it were the communism, the Americans would fully justifiable to take the lead and defend the “free world” against the tyranny and dictatorship of Marxism, but this is not the case anymore. Now it’s different, Washington has been openly supporting the terrorist movement of the Muslim Brotherhood against the legitimate government of Egypt, supporting dictators like Turkey’s Erdogan and creating and supporting Islamic terrorist groups fighting in Syria that are committing crimes against humanity.

Some power should intervene to stop this evil, the Europeans are out of commission now, because of the euro and refugees crisis and the rise of extreme right which has the single priority, “close the windows, close the doors, shut down the lights and let’s stay in our cocoon”… No one can blame them, after  all we witnessed about the failed project of the so called European Union.

Indeed we may scream this time “The Russians are coming!!!” and may add to it “Alleluia!!!”.

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