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Chérif AMIR

Born in Egypt, the 19th of June, 1978.

After completing his school studies at the Jesuites and the Frères de La Salle, and passionate about the Middle- East and international relations, Chérif AMIR applied and was admitted to the  faculty of law at the University of Paris 1 Sorbonne (Cairo’s branch).

He completed two separate undergraduate university programs in four years, one in French and international law and another in Egyptian law including Islamic law. This endeavor culminated in Chérif’s first Master degree diploma in international corporate law from the Sorbonne University.

As a young jurist, Chérif decided to start his post-graduate studies in France where he landed in Paris, the 11th of September, 2001. He began his second Masters Degree in Diplomacy, international organizations and enterprises, majored in Defense and international security, at the University of Paris 11, Sceaux. He also attended a series of seminars –within the framework of the same diploma- in both the American University in Paris (AUP) and at the Institute of Higher Studies for National Defense at the Military school in Paris (IHEDN).

After acquiring a prestigious professional experience at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris, Chérif continued his post-graduate studies, and obtained a Master Degree from the University of Paris 8 Saint-Denis in the following topic : “The awakening of Global Islam in the 20th century: History of the Muslim Brotherhood (1928- 1981)”.

The last mentioned diploma opened the door for Chérif, to incorporate his profound knowledge about the Middle-East into a PhD thesis: “The Impact of Religious Convictions on the Conflicts of the Middle-East” [Perspectives on the future of the conflicts]. This thesis was completed at the University of Paris 8 Saint-Denis and was awarded the highest distinction of: “Very honorable with the congratulations of the members of the jury unanimously”.

Subsequently, Chérif AMIR was appointed to an associate researcher position at the University of Paris 8 and published several articles in French and gave numerous interviews to French radios, Egyptian private and public television channels in Arabic and English ( All available for the interested reader on this web site) .

In February 2015, Chérif AMIR published his first book in French “Histoire secrète des frères musulmans” The Secret History of the Muslim Brotherhood, published by the well known French publishing house “Ellipses”. Several reactions arose in France and in Egypt around this book. The book presented a seminal and profound analysis of the history of the Muslim Brotherhood from its birth in 1928 in Egypt, to its final downfall in June 2013. The book uncovered a myriad of historical and contemporary revelations regarding controversial Egyptian and middle-eastern events, up to the arrival of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to the presidency of Egypt.

From the perspective of a scholar, Chérif AMIR, has judged that the current political and military situations –not only in the Middle-East- but also in the world are heading to the point of no return and that the big explosion is just a matter of time. That is why this web site highlights and sets out to the public the hidden realities behind the events.


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