Who’s Diaspora is it?… The German mystery

Who’s Diaspora is it?… The German mystery

Refugees and Germany

The Syrian migrants are happy to be in their refugee camp? … Or new country?

By: Chérif AMIR

19/09/ 2015

Europe is living today what is construed as the worst refugees or migrants movement in its history since WWII. But this time, the refugees are not Europeans; they are from a number of countries, mainly from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan. All those countries are not only experiencing political and security chaos, but all had or have real problems stemming from Western governments intervention in their internal affairs. The main problem facing the European nations isn’t only the demographic threat arising from this “flood” of migrants, but also their religion… Islam!

 Yes, let’s call a spade a spade and stop acting as if Europe doesn’t have religion as a main concern in these crises. Actually, Europe’s fear is flagged by Muslim demographic invasion which targets one of the most important countries in the old continent, Germany. All the refugees stuck in Hungary, Greece, Macedonia and Croatia, are declaring to the media that Germany is their final destination. Germany has become suddenly the “promised land” for the Syrian refugees, the majority of whom are Sunni Islamists. Yet, European leaders, who actually caused this tragedy, are keeping silent, while right-wing opposition parties express their strong rejection and fear of this migrant invasion. This has been demonstrated recently by France’s extremely radical mayor of the city of Béziers, Robert Ménard, who is chasing out the helpless refugees from his city–at least for now- instead of laying the blame squarely on those responsible for this disaster, leaders like Nicolas Sarkozy the former French president and intelectuals like the controversial philosopher Bernard Henry-Levy.

Back to the “promised Deutschland”, there’s a mystery about it. When we examine the current situation, we find that initially the migrants were escaping to Europe from Syria because of Islamist terrorist opposing the Al-Assad dictatorship ; both were disagreeable, leaving no choice for the squeezed population but to flee. Usually they reached the closest European land, Greece. The question is why don’t they stop there? Isn’t Greece a part of Europe? –Not according to Angela Merkel of course- they were encouraged to continue their trek from FYRM (Macedonia) to Serbia and to Hungary! Of course no one condones the brutality used against these refugees by the extreme right-wing ruling party of Budapest, but one should question Germany’s rhetoric encouraging these migrants to flock to its territory. Yet, we should not overlook Berlin’s decision to re-establish border control.

Is there something wrong with the European Union regarding these issues? Frankly, this is not quite the right question, because everything has been wrong with the European Union, on all issues. So let’s put the right question, the one that has been missing so far: where’s America in all that?

If we have been watching carefully, Europe was hit with two major crises this year, 2015.

First the Greek debt problem known as “Greckexit” referring to Athens’ potential exit from the single European currency, the Euro. Germany adopted a hard stance towards the Greeks throughout the development of this crisis. This posture almost ended Greece’s membership in the euro zone, and triggered the possiblity of a domino effect in Portugal, Spain, Italy and maybe France. Speaking of France, its current leadership foresaw the gleaning danger and moved quickly to mitigate Germany’s eagerness to impose severe punishments on the Greek people. France’s intervention was timely to save Europe from the “beginning of the end” dilemma. As this scenario developed, Washington and Moscow exchanged little smiles, as both were not really “broken-hearted” to see that happening to Europe. We find that Angela Merkel is the strongest and closest European ally to the white house – of course after the United Kingdom- and a close friend of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. This means that Merkel who controls the strongest economy in the old continent, knows that real powers lie not with her European neighbors, but outside Europe. Germany in this crisis was a major player against Greece, and we can say, Berlin overcame the heroes of Greek mythology and imposed its conditions upon the Greek people.

The second, is the current refugee crisis, and once again, we can see Germany at the center of events. Berlin is opening its doors to these migrants, that’s why they are striving to end their treck there, we can call this « strong temptation ». Yet, Germany suddenly imposes border controls without explaining the reason behind such action- is it intended to stop the influx of migrants or to ensure regulated entry? In the same vein, a German minister recently criticized some European states, describing their actions as unrespectable of European guidelines for human rights, and waved the financial card again by saying that Germany is aiding those countries and maybe it should stop the aid. Some experts explained that this statement was in reference to Hungary, the first European country to erect barbed wired fences on its borders with Serbia to prevent migrants from trespassing its territory. Once again we wonder, what are the Americans up to this time vis-a-vis Germany?. The Europeans want to stop once and for all this flow, because it can seriously damage Europe’s demographically fragile status, but Germany’s stance is embarrassing its neighbors to take overt opposing positions. The US media openly blames Russia’s Putin for these crises. Russia refutes such accusations, and explains logically to the world that what we are witnessing now in Syria is the result of erratic western intervention in favor of terror groups on the battlefield… But who listens?

It’s obvious, Germany now is not really adhering to the European course, it’s pursuing its own agenda. It finds itself, within the so called European unity project, under pressure from France, which, in turn, intermittently fears economic collapse and has been traditionally relying on Germany and its support to navigate its own course within the European Union. But this won’t last for long as Berlin draws its own strategy away from the Europeans, and in coordination with Washington and Moscow. Moreover, from what we see, the sudden and unexpected tsunami of refugees towards Europe’s coasts, is not a surprise. It is the current outcome of an evolving plan, conceived decades earlier, and aimed at achieving a final settlement in the Middle-East, where new States based on religious and ethnic grounds will emerge. The scenario envisions separate states for the Alaouites, the Sunnis, the Druze and the Kurds. To accomplish this plan, Europe has to toe the line and comply with Washington’s will. This course is lead by the big wealthy Germany, which itself is experiencing a rapid declining demography.

That’s the mystery of Germany, it’s a pawn like all others on the chessboard, but a powerful one that enables the « player » to make transatlantic moves… but this same pawn has limited effect in the face of the Russian bear.

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